5 ways to make your audience love your brand

Without an audience, it’s hard to run a business. A growing customer base will drive your business growth, and for success that is ultimately what you need. There are a lot of other brands out there, so how do you get your customers to choose you over your competitors? Then, once you have their attention, how do you build a loyal, long-term relationship with them? Here are five ways for you to create a strong and loyal relationship with your audience, five ways to get them to fall in love with you.

Be authentic:
If you are constantly selling and trying to put a spin on your sales pitch, you will come across like a pushy salesman who will say anything to get the sale. Your brand should have characteristics that are attractive to your audience – values and ethics that show what you stand for. When you communicate with your audience, find ways to make personal connections with them that go beyond selling. Once they are loyal to your brand, the sale is inevitable because what you are offering will be first in their head.

Talk with them, not at them:
Many brands get stuck in a rut where they are constantly pumping out content, but they don’t take the time to interact with their audience. It should be about generating meaningful dialogue on your marketing channels, whether more traditional or digital. In many cases, brands could put out less content if they increase the engagement factor with their audience. It becomes a case of quality vs. quantity. And if you are a small business owner wearing multiple hats, it’s about finding efficiencies in your marketing strategy that will get you higher returns on your efforts.

Tell them you appreciate them:
That feel-good feeling is very contagious. If your existing customers are happy, they will tell their friends. Create opportunities to show your appreciation through loyalty programs and content that is directed towards customers. The brands that do well are as grateful for an audience of 500 as they are an audience of 500,000. You will find that once you start appreciating each individual customer they will start multiplying.

Create an experience:
You should showcase the positive experiences your audience can have with your brand through your blog, social media, and other channels. Take it a step further and create those experiences through public stunts and events where they can’t help but get involved with your brand. Not only will this showcase what you have to offer, but it will generate an emotional connection with your audience because you are making a direct impact on their lives.

Love yourself:
Self-hype can be detrimental if you ignore things that should be improved. However, you can’t make someone else love you if you don’t love yourself. You should always start out looking internally, getting to know your brand, and pointing out everything that is great about your brand. This will jumpstart any successful marketing strategy. In turn this should follow through to your employees. Make them feel ownership of the brand by getting them involved in decisions and changes that go on, and their positive energy will flow through to your audience.

Finally, make sure you track things. Tracking metrics that work and connect with your audience is invaluable, as it gives you insight into what type of content or experience really works. From internal HR metric tracking to site traffic and social engagement, track it all and spend as much time as you can analysing it. In today’s competitive markets, any edge you can get is vital, and with the amount of software available to see what really connects with your customers, it’s an obvious thing to do.

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