Organizing a Business Move

One of the most harried and difficult tasks for any business is a change of location. These moves often wreak havoc on service and product deliverables especially when they are not properly prepared for. Ensuring that your company moves as quickly and efficiently as possible with as little headache as possible can be an overwhelming feat. Ensure your corporate move is done effectively by following the tips in this article.

Plan Ahead 

If you think about the last time you tried to move your household from one location to another a general idea of how complicated an entire business move can be is evident. Unfortunately with a business usually you cannot shut down for a week and resume work without any negative consequences. Most often businesses attempt to stay open providing services and products during a move but if it is not planned properly major service issues as well as moving disasters can happen. One of the first ways to avoid these disasters is to plan well in advance of the moving date. It is not unheard of for businesses to plan between one month and one year ahead of time depending on the size of the business.

It is often better to start with a new location and work backwards. Lay out the floor plan of the new location providing actual layouts to movers and having equipment numbered for easy removal and placement during the move. If the move is expected to take more than two days it is often required to set up an interim location that can provide products or services. Otherwise the best option is to plan a move on Friday and reopen for business on Monday giving the move a full three days. 

Hire a reputable Mover

Besides deciding on the new location one of the first planning steps to take is to hire a reputable professional moving company. The company in question should be experienced in moving businesses and not just in residential moves. Often during business relocation the order in which items are removed and placed in the new location requires careful planning and logistical experience.  An experienced moving company can help consult and give advice in this process and provide a complete quote for moving and the time required to do so. The mover should be able to coordinate with your employees developing strategies with management in order to assign appropriate tasks to employees to ensure an efficient move is completed. While employees may not be able to move equipment it is often advisable for them to be available to help direct the moving process within their own areas.

Open for Business

Remaining open for business can often be tough for companies during a move. However if steps are taken well in advance, at a minimum, the business communication lines can always remain open. It is advisable to establish communication at the new location before the intended move-in date. Setting up phone, Internet and fax lines at the new location can often help not only keep businesses open during a move but can facilitate communication during a move. If possible, move portions of the customer service or frontline service staff and any needed equipment and inventory to be able to stay open for business during the 1 to 2 business days that will be affected because of the move. Having the satellite operation in place well in advance of the moving date can provide a test run for the actual moving process.

Three tips for success is ensuring employees are organized for an efficient move with delegated tasks and responsibilities, an effective and reliable moving company completes the large  tasks on schedule, and if necessary a satellite or branch office can be set up in the new location ahead of time or at a separate interim location.

Written by Austin Lewis. Austin is the Sales Manager at Shleppers Moving & Storage.

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