The Power of Giving Something for Free

Everything loves getting something for nothing. Whether it is a free sample at the grocery store or a free gift with a purchase it does not matter as long as it is free, or so they think it is. You know the old English proverb, ‘you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar’. This is true when it comes to attracting more customers as well. Free stuff works just like honey in attracting customers to what you want them to buy. People will go wild over free stuff. Even just the idea of something for nothing will get their attention. There is no better way to lure in potential customers than with the promise of getting something for free. According to an article, companies will give stuff away for free to win customer loyalty. For example, say you have a product to offer; your number one goal is to get that item in the hands of customers. Sometimes you even have to give the item away for free in order to get it into their hands. This concept actually works because by giving the item away for free can result in the potential of a lifelong customer. Furthermore, what else usually happens when people get something for free? The next thing that usually occurs is that they will be so excited that they got something for free that they will start talking about. This is called free advertisement and marketing for you. Here are a few additional things that happen when people get something for free: They wind up paying for it later when they come back for another, they feel obligate to buy (get hooked with sample and come back for more), they think that getting more is a discount (such as 33 percent more than other brands), they buy more when there is some mystery element to it (when they buy fragrance they get a free tote), and they will talk more when they get free stuff (you can’t beat word of mouth marketing).


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