The Top Reasons Your Small Packing or Manufacturing Business Needs to Consider Automation

Small packing or manufacturing businesses are faced with a rather unique problem that their larger counterparts don’t necessarily share. Small businesses, in particular start-ups, need to be able to produce enough products in order to grow, but then in order to grow there needs to be money available. Growing a business often means hiring more staff, investing in new and additional machinery, extra training, and so forth. It’s the whole idea that you need to spend money to make money.

This is often the time that these smaller businesses start to look into the benefits of automation. If your business currently is doing all the packing and manufacturing by hand, or mainly by hand, it could be worth your time to consider the main advantages of making the switch.

Increase Your Production Totals

One of the biggest reasons companies look to automation is the fact it means the production totals will get a boost. Humans just can’t keep pace with machines which means you’re going to be able to package/manufacture that many more products. Take a look at the Axiom case packer available through Douglas Machine Inc. The base model is able to pack up to 45 cases or trays per minute. If you upgrade to the Axiom ARC, then you are looking at 100 trays or cases per minute. That can have a massive effect on your business.

Lower Your Production and Operating Costs Using Automation

While you may be caught up in the price tag to switch to automation, the fact is that once you have the machines in place, you will end up lowering your costs. Many of the machines can be customized and adjusted so that by the time all the changes are done it works specifically for your needs. This means the amount of waste generated is minimal, the machines will be extremely precise, and you can look for ways to ensure they are using the least amount of power possible.

When you take this one step further, every time you can bring down the cost of manufacturing, you’ll see an increase in profits.

Increase the Level of Workplace Safety

When you rely on robots and automation to do the job, you are also reducing the number of workplace accidents that can occur. The most dangerous of jobs can be left to the robotic machinery, keeping your employees out of harm’s way.

The Technology is Becoming More Readily Available and More Affordable

As more and more companies start to recognize the benefits of automation and make that switch, the technology itself is becoming more readily available and more affordable. This is great news for small businesses who are feeling concerned about the cost to make that transition.

Knowing When to Make that Transition

Perhaps you’ve already decided that automation is the best route for your company, and now it becomes a matter of knowing that right time. Sometimes it’s best to integrate automation slowly over time, or your company may be the type that would benefit better from doing it all at once. This is where doing your research and asking plenty of questions will help.

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