Why Public Speaking Skills are Important for an Entrepreneur

While I was completely bored and disinterested in what conversation was going around me at that time, one thing managed to get my attention. There was this guy who was expressing his desire to be an entrepreneur and how hard he is working at it and as the conversation continued, explained how he hated public speaking. He hated it so much that he would never even think of learning the art of speaking in public.

This is where his failure is obvious. Public speaking is one of the important traits of an entrepreneur. Of course, with the kind of attention that is given to this art, people don’t realize its importance but those who have been following some successful entrepreneur as a role model, would have realized how this skill has played a big role in their success. Contrary to the popular belief, public speaking doesn’t always involve a podium, stage and an audience of 100+ people. It just means speaking in public – anywhere and anytime.

When you announce something to a group of people standing outside your place, that can be it. When you discuss your plans with 10 random people, that can be it. When you explain your vision to your employees, that can be it. When you present your business idea to the investors, that can be it. When you describe why people must believe in your business, that can be it. It exists everywhere and you just can’t avoid doing this. Only thing you can do and should do is try to master or at least learn this art. It’s not formulaic and you can’t learn it from a spreadsheet, it’s more of an art rather than a science.

Some more reasons why public speaking is important…
I don’t think you’re still convinced. You still believe that there would be some way that you can avoid getting into this thing. Or it might just not be that important when it comes to the success of your business. Let’s take the former one first. Here are some places where you would need this skill and also need to be effective at it. Stop reading the article if you think you can avoid doing all of these things being an entrepreneur or an owner of a new business.

Address a group of investors: The VP of marketing is a better fit for this job but investors usually invest in people instead of ideas. They want to look into the eye of the person running the business and see the passion that underlies beneath them. They would need you to talk. public speaking speak up

Do an interview: this is something which gets even more difficult than speaking in public. Talking to a camera is very difficult and it requires lots of confidence and good speaking skills. An interview can give a major boost to your company’s status if done the right way. Can you miss on this opportunity just because you’re afraid to learn this art?

Address the employees: When you’re starting out, number of employees would be very less. But soon you would have employees and you would need to talk to all of them at once. Bulk messages etc do work but for sometimes. After a point, your employees would want to talk to you, hear about your vision and connect with you directly. At that time, what would be your excuse for not speaking to them? That you thought this wasn’t important?

Need to represent your company at various events: When you start off with your business, you would be attending various events related to your line of business. At such events, you will not be just you but you will be representing your company. What if you don’t do it the right way just because you thought this wasn’t important enough to master? Why public speaking is important for your business? I think you have got a good idea about that. It is one of the key skills an entrepreneur must possess. You would need it for making sales, for marketing your business, for keeping your employees motivated and for getting investors.

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